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The mission of the Madina Village School is to provide Christian Education to the children of the Madina area and to improve their quality of life through outreach.

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Sunday Snapshot (Bobbie’s Blog) from Madina Village School

October 17, 2021

The saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is only true if you know what you are seeing in the picture.Today I’m starting a blog that will bring you one snapshot a week and add a few words to explain it. I (Bobbie Mustapha) am living very close to Madina Village School (with my husband Francis, the school’s founder) and when I walk the short path from our little round house to the school campus, the children shout greetings “Bobbie, Bobbie” and many come running, especially if they see my phone is out. “Can I snap you?” is the polite thing to say, and kids always say ‘yes’. I’m not in very many pictures because I’m usually behind the camera. This selfie is my favorite because it’s beside our assembly hall, which is the breeziest and busiest building at MVS. I’m with one of my favorite beautiful MVS girls, and we caught the women with the baby behind us, watching us and photobombing. Come to every Sunday to take another peek through my camera lens at life at Madina Village School. Bobbie’s Bonus Snapshot:

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Madina Village School is the on-going fulfillment of the dream of Francis Mustapha to return to his home and build a school for the children of his village in Sierra Leone. Upon his retirement from teaching Biology in Indiana, he began spending months at a time in Madina, supervising the construction by hand of two large classroom buildings.

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