Who We Are

The mission of the Madina Village School is to provide Christian Education to the children of the Madina area and to improve their quality of life through outreach.

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Madina Village School is the on-going fulfillment of the dream of Francis Mustapha to return to his home and build a school for the children of his village in Sierra Leone. Upon his retirement from teaching Biology in Indiana, he began spending months at a time in Madina, supervising the construction by hand of two large classroom buildings.

With the support of Mustapha's home church, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church and other churches, colleagues and friends, the buildings have been completed, furniture built, supplies shipped, teachers hired, children registered, and school opened on September 16th, 2013 for 270 students ages 4 through 10.

In the process the village and the surrounding area has been mobilized to produce enough food to sustain themselves, and inspired to develop their own leadership and community efforts.

School children in America have joined in collecting supplies for the school and communicating with the Madina children through photos and drawings. Pastors and teachers are beginning to form friendships between the churches and schools.

The effect of the new school is exceeding the dream and the possibilities are expanding beyond expectations.


2019 – Health Center Construction

Construction of the health center begins.

2013 – School is Open!

Madina Village School opened in September 2013.   The school day includes Morning Assembly, all core subjects plus a nutritious hot meal.

2012 – Construction

Carpenters made furniture from local timber.

2012 – Well is dug

A hand-dug well provided the school with clean water.

2012 – Construction Begins

Two long cement-block classroom buildings were constructed, every block made by hand.

2011 – A lifelong idea

Francis Mustapha retired from teaching Biology in Indiana and returned to his home village to build a primary school.


Yes. Madina Village School Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 2014, and donations are tax-deductible. Charity Organization Categories:  Education and Health Care.  

Board of Directors

Each Director serves voluntarily, meets quarterly, and supports the mission of Madina Village School, Inc.

Doug Ahlfeld

Doug Ahlfeld is an engineer living in Columbia City, Indiana. 

Renee Albright

Renee teaches at South Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She went to Madina Village School in 2016 to help with teacher training.

Sandy Bennett

Sandy Bennett is a semi-retired teacher from Avon, Indiana, who still does substitute teaching.  She traveled to Sierra Leone in 2018 and helped lead teacher training at Madina Village School.

Cathy DeWitt

Cathy DeWitt is a retired nurse living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

John Barnett

John Barnet is an accountant for St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Fort Wayne, and substitutes in Fort Wayne Community Schools.  He was born in Sierra Leone.

Peter Daining

Peter is a  teacher at Forest Park Elementary School in Fort Wayne. He visited Madina in the summer of 2023. Peter and his wife Niki help with banking and newsletters when the Mustaphas are in Sierra Leone.

Phil Elam

Phil Elam, Board Vice-President, is a retired engineer from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He traveled to Sierra Leone in 2017 and helped install solar power at MVS.

Steve Ellinwood

Steve Ellinwood, Board President, is a dentist in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He is active in mission trips and has been to Sierra Leone in years past.

Dustin McKibben

Dustin McKibben is a professional photographer in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He has been to Sierra Leone twice, visiting MVS and producing photos and videos.

Bobbie Mustapha

Bobbie Mustapha, Board Secretary, is a retired teacher specializing in Reading and Early Childhood Education.  She lives with Francis Mustapha in Sierra Leone for several months of each year.  She leads teacher training and school development at MVS and organizes the sponsorship program.

Francis Mustapha

Founder and Executive Director of Madina Village School, is a retired Biology Teacher, living in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Madina, Sierra Leone.  He is persistently bringing solutions to the needs discovered along the way.

Susan Thomas

Susan teaches geography at South Side High School in Fort Wayne.  She went to Madina Village School in 2016 to help with teacher training.

Neil Kinsey

Huntington, Indiana

Jim Roush

Jim Roush is an accountant, living in Fort Wayne, Indiana.